Sweating Treatment With Botox - Botoks ile Terleme Tedavisi

Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Sweating is normal. Body temperature increases after high temperatures, illness or physical activity. The increased body temperature is lowered by a condition called sweating. Sweating can be seen all over the body, especially in the armpits, chest, back and palms.
Excessive sweating is simply sweating more than the body’s normal needs. Excessive sweating can have negative effects on people. The body usually sweats naturally in extremely hot weather and after vigorous physical activity. However, this is different for people with excessive sweating.

In people with excessive sweating, the act of sweating is more frequent and more common than in other people. Excessive sweating damages a person’s self-confidence and affects their social life. Odors that occur with sweating can disturb both the person himself and the people around him. In addition, people who experience excessive sweating may have difficulty in choosing clothes from time to time. Sweating treatment with Botox is an application that has emerged in order to eliminate these situations. Sweating treatment with Botox is a highly effective and satisfying treatment.

Botox sweating treatment reduces excessive sweating by approximately 83 percent. The sweating level, which decreases at a rate of 83 percent, decreases to normal levels. Sweating at these levels is healthy and natural. Botox sweating treatment is recommended to be applied only to those who experience excessive sweating. The results of Botox sweating treatment are permanent for 6 to 9 monthsHowever, it is possible to extend the duration of permanence with repeated treatments.

Botox Sweating Treatment

Botox sweating treatment is a very simple and effective treatment method. In the process, which takes about 10-15 minutes, Botox is injected under the skin in the areas where sweating occurs with fine-tipped injectors. In this way, the function of sweat glands under the skin is restricted. In this procedure, local anesthesia or ice compress is applied to the patient during the procedure. In this way, the patient does not feel pain and soreness during the procedure. In addition, a sweating test can be performed in places with excessive sweating before the procedure.
The patient can easily return to his/her daily life during the day after botox sweating treatment.
Sweating botox is not a permanent procedure. Substances injected under the skin lose their effects after a while. The effect of sweating botox is seen for about 6 to 9 months. However, the duration of permanence may vary from person to person. After the botox starts to lose its effect, body sweating gradually starts to be like before the treatment. People can have treatment repetitions.

After Sweating Treatment with Botox

Sweating treatment with Botox does not have any side effects. It is possible to return to daily life and work life immediately after the procedure.
Who cannot have sweating treatment with Botox?
Botox sweating treatment is not applied to pregnant and breastfeeding women, cancer patients, people with blood diseases, people with skin diseases and patients with advanced psychiatric disorders. Anyone over the age of 18 who does not have such diseases can receive botox sweating treatment.

Advantages of Sweating Treatment with Botox

Excessive sweating negatively affects a person’s daily life. The odors that occur as a result of excessive sweating can disturb both the person and other people around him/her, as well as prevent the person from choosing clothes. The problem of excessive sweating, which causes significant problems in life, can be easily eliminated with Botox sweating treatment today. After this stage, the excessive sweating of the person will completely decrease to normal levels. This will make the person’s life easier and make him/her feel more comfortable. Since the procedure has no side effects, it does not have any effect on the person’s daily life.