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What are Skin Diseases?


Skin diseases or skin disorders are permanent or temporary diseases that could be painful or painless. However, most of these diseases are considered minor but some are very serious and you should not hesitate to see a dermatologist. In this article, we will present some of these disorders and types with symptoms.


In general, it is located in the face, neck, shoulders, upper back, and chest that may leave scars if not treated and they come out as black or white heads, pimples or cysts, and nodules painful and deep.


It appears near the mouth and lips in the shape of a red, painful fluid-filled. That area will burn before it appears with a low fever and body aches and sometimes swollen lymph nodes.


They can appear anywhere on the body either as one or more watery fluid-filled smaller or larger than 1cm.


A red, painful to touch, and very itchy welts that appear on the skin due to an allergy and can be either small or large with a ring shape.


A skin patch, thick and scaly with a size of less than 2cm and a pink or brown color that occurs on the skin when being exposed to the sun too much. They usually appear on the hands, arms, neck, face, and scalp.


Rosacea has four types and all have common symptoms. It is a chronic disease that has cycles of fading and disappearing and can be triggered by some factors like spicy food, alcohol, stress, or sunlight. The symptoms are red skin on the face, skin dryness and sensitivity, and red pumps.


It is a lump under the skin, red, painful, and irritated that comes with fever, body aches, and tiredness. Also, it can cause crusting on the skin.


It is considered an emergency and requires an urgent cure for when you are exposed to a latex product itchy, red, and warm wheals will appear within minutes to hours and it comes with cough, watery eyes, difficulty in breathing, and swelling.


Patches that occur on the skin with a yellow or white color. It may turn red and itchy with hair loss on the affected area.


It is a medical emergency and needs an immediate and urgent cure. It is a red, painful swollen skin that occurs when bacteria enters the body through a cut in the skin. When it is accompanied by fever and chills it means an infection and requires a medical analysis soon.


Fever, sore throat, watery eyes, runny nose, and cough are the symptoms of measles accompanied by a red rash that goes from the face to the body in very few days.


An easy bleeding, dome/crater-like patch with a red or pink color. Basal cell carcinoma comes with a pale area and visible blood vessels on the growth.


It is a less common form of skin cancer. A mole can appear anywhere in the body without a specific shape and may change color and even size. It is very important to see a dermatologist when it appears.


Warm, red, scaly patches that do not itch or painful appear on the skin commonly on the shoulders, forearms, neck, and upper torso. It gets worse by the sun on the face and it is accompanied by fever, fatigue, and headaches.


Rash that occurs on the body in red and itchy patches with visible borders due to an allergy. It appears where you have touched the irritating object.


It is an autoimmune destruction for the skin pigment, for the cells that give the skin its color. The loss of skin color appears in only small places or on one side of the body.


Wart or HPV (Human Papillomavirus) are bumps that occur on the skin, single or in a group. Wart is contagious and may be passed from one to another.


Red and itchy rash accompanied by fever, sore throat, loss of app├ętit, and body aches and stay contagious until it is healed completely.


A rash that may cause hair loss in the occurred areas and it comes with red, oily, and itchy patches.


Bumpy and slightly red patches that occur commonly on the arms and legs may disappear after the age of 30 and could get worst in dry weather.


Dark patches appear mostly on the face. Pregnant women and people with dark skin who had long sun exposure are most likely to have it. It disappears within a year sometimes or it may be permanent.


An irritating rash that commonly occurs on the mouth, chin, and nose contour. Babies and children are more likely to have it.

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