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Lip Filling

Lip Filling

Lip filling or lip augmentation is a cosmetic intervention that is applied for the people who have a thin lip to make it fuller also to reshape them for a voluminous appearance.
There are many techniques for this operation and different dermal fillers to be injected in the lip but most common and the best is the hyaluronic acid for it is a natural substance and can be found in the body.

Who can do the lip filling?

You can have a lip filling operation if you have:
Clarify the shape of the lip.
Correcting the lip asymmetry.
Add volume to the lip.

How much does it last?

Normally the results last for six months so you need to do another one after that to keep the same effect.

What is the lip filling operation procedure?

The first thing we do is that we apply a cream on the lip as an anesthesia so you will not feel any pain when the operation began. The doctor/ dermatologist start the operation by injecting the lip with the filling materials using a needle. The procedure takes approximately about 30 minutes and you can see the results immediately.

Who cannot do the lip filling operation?

Pregnant women
Allergy for some of the used materials.
Skin inflammation problems.
Active herpes.

Are there any side effects of the lip filling operation?

Bleeding after the injection.
Swelling or bruising.
Redness or tenderness.

How much does the lip filling operation cost?

The lip filling operation in Turkey, Istanbul cost from 300 Euro to 400 Euro. The price varies according to:

  • The facility.
  • Your period of staying.
  • Hotel.
  • Medical tests.

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