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Due to the skin and muscle structure of the legs, loosening and sagging may occur over time.
Surgeries are aesthetic surgery procedures that have emerged to eliminate this problem.

Excess fat and skin formed after loosening in the leg area is removed is a surgical procedure. Sagging in the leg area is usually caused by conditions such as rapid weight loss.

In the surgery, the excess skin is removed from the groin line to the inner surface of the leg and
The skin of the inner side of the leg is stretched towards the groin line and sutured again. In this way, relaxation and excess fat is removed.
The surgery is performed using different techniques according to the needs of each patient.

Upper Stretching Method In upper lift surgery, the incision is made at the junction of the inner part of the leg and the groin. During this procedure, the skin excess fat can also be removed with liposuction.

Inner Leg Lift Method

It is a method applied to reduce fat and skin on the upper and inner part of the inner leg. Incision on the inside of the leg part of the body.

Mini Stretching Method
The mini-lift method is a shorter incision version of the inner leg method. For this reason, the result is more limited in the stretching method, but the scar to be removed is also proportionally smallerdimensional.

Why is Leg Lift Surgery Performed?

After the loosening and sagging of the legs, aesthetic deterioration occurs in the leg.
is coming. Relaxation and sagging are not only aesthetically unfavorable. Sagging over time
skins can cause skin deformations as a result of friction while walking. Leg appearance
Leg lift surgeries are performed in order to return to its former state and to provide comfort.

After Leg Lift Surgery

Patients who have undergone surgery should follow the recommendations given to them by the physician and must comply to them for a steady recovery
Dressing should be applied to the stitches for the first two days after the operation. Heavy weight until the healing process
Avoid movements and do not shower for two days after the operation. 3 days after the operation
The patient should rest at home for a week. After 3 weeks, the person can return to daily life.
The area should not be exposed to sunlight until the marks disappear. Smoking can cause any kind of
should be discontinued as it may trigger complications.

Side effects of surgery

Edema formation may occur in the person after leg (thigh) lift surgery. Edema caused by wearing a corset will gradually disappear on its own afterwards. Scars in the area after this leg lift surgery
may occur. This scar, which is red at first, will turn into psoriasis over time. The scar may remain but
Since the scars will be in sizes and shapes that will not be directly visible, they do not pose a problem for people.
In addition, bruises or pain that may be seen in the area after leg lift surgery can be treated with medications can be treated.