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Laser Tattoo Remove


A tattoo can be done in one session but it takes several sessions to remove it. Laser tattoo removal is one of the most effective methods to remove the permanent tattoos, full or a part of it.

Is the laser tattoo removal a painful procedure?

Before the laser tattoo removal starts an anaesthesia cream is applied. Nevertheless, after the laser tattoo removal is painful but it can be controlled with a cream or some drugs.

What should I do before the laser tattoo removal?

The first thing you should do is telling your doctor if you are taking any medications that can cause blood thinning; alcohol in one of them too.

What should I do after the laser tattoo removal?

It basically the same procedure after having a tattoo just you must not swim in the sea or the pool for 5 days and avoid the sunlight as much as possible.

How many sessions do I do to remove the tattoo permanently?

You will need 10 sessions if the tattoo has been done professionally and 6 sessions if performed by amateurs and it takes between 14 days to 2 months according to the tattoo.

Are there any risks or side effects of laser tattoo removal?

If you took your doctor’s recommendations carefully there will be no risks for it but there will swell and bleeding which are the only side effects for this procedure.

How much does the laser tattoo removal cost?

The laser tattoo removal in Turkey, Istanbul costs from 50 Euro to 150 Euro for one session. The price varies according to:

  • The area of treatment.
  • Tattoo size.
  • Your period of staying.
  • Hotel.
  • Medical tests.

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