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Achieve Radiant, Healthy Skin with The Multi-Step Magic of Hydrafacial


A clear, beautiful, and clean face skin just like a baby is a desire for all people. Nevertheless, to have what you want may be a painful process and takes a long time. Hydrafacial treatment for skin is the most applied treatment for facial skin in the world.

What is a Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial is a skin treatment to cleanse, peel, and extract dead skin also hydrate it. Hydrafacial is the only treatment that uses patented technology to clear freshly the skin with deep penetration.

What is the Hydrafacial process?

Hydrafacial treatment is not painful, actually, many people have expressed that they feel relaxed during the process for there is no needle used, pinching, or abrasion. The Hydrafacial process takes four steps in 30 minutes maximum. The first step is cleansing and exfoliation where the technician uses a tool to open the pores and remove the dead skin. Next, the acid peels which is a gentle peel with the glycolic. After, the extraction by a tool that works like a vacuum and you will see in a cup the extractions. Finally, the serum application by the vortex-fusion tool pervades the serum which is rich with collagen and antioxidant into the skin to hydrate it.

Are there any side effects of the Hydrafacial?

Unlike the other face skin treatments, the Hydrafacial treatment does not have any side effects, it does not even leave redness on the face after and you can have your makeup directly after and go back to your daily life.

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