What is PRP Treatment?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is used in many areas of medicine. It is applied in hair transplantation treatment, implant dental treatment, hard-to-heal wounds, acne, wrinkles, blemishes, crack treatments. In addition, it is a frequently preferred method in vascular problems and physical and rehabilitation areas. Prp treatment is one of the most effective and most effective treatment methods to protect existing hair and nourish hair follicles among hair treatments. Prp treatment, which can be applied simultaneously with the hair transplant operation, can also be applied after the hair transplant operation. It can be applied to anyone who has mild to moderate hair loss and wants to protect their existing hair, except for people who have survived cancer in their health history or are currently undergoing cancer treatment. It is a very useful treatment method for people who experience hair loss due to andro-genetic alopecia or due to external factors, regardless of gender.

It is realized by centrifuging some blood taken from the patients themselves and injecting platelet-rich plasma into the body tissues. The most appropriate time for the treatment is three times every two weeks with thirty-minute sessions. Prp treatment is a form of treatment that aims to regenerate tissue with completely natural methods without the use of any additional substances or drugs. In Prp hair treatment, people are injected with their own blood. Therefore, it is a natural method and does not carry any risk. Since the procedure is performed with very small needles and anesthetic solutions, there is no pain or ache. If we talk about the benefits of PRP in hair treatment;

– Provides hair growth by revitalizing hair follicles
 Keeps hair follicles alive
– Increases the production of keratin and fiber and helps the growth of new blood vessels
– Repairs scalp tissues
– It provides more vibrant and healthy hair growth.

Visible positive results begin to be obtained approximately 2 months after Prp treatment.

AGF39 Hair Treatment

Hair loss is a dermatological disorder called andro-genetic alopecia in medical language, which occurs due to genetic predisposition, various skin diseases, external factors (contact of chemical products with hair, hair styling with high heat, traumatic hairstyles). There are various forms of treatment to prevent hair loss and to strengthen and protect existing hair.

While people used to frequently resort to alternative medicine methods in the past, today, with advances in technology and medicine, people prefer methods such as AGF39PRP and Hair Mesotherapy. Such treatments are treatments aimed at slowing down the rate of hair loss and protecting the existing hair by

providing the vitamins and proteins the hair needs. To mention AGF39 from these treatments;

It is a form of treatment that can be applied to anyone experiencing mild to moderate hair loss due to various reasons. AGF39 treatment, which is generally applied for 6-10 sessions, can be applied both in a clinical setting and at home.

AGF39 contains Coenzyme-a and amino acid content, vitamins that affect the healthier and more vibrant growth of the hair, SOD to protect the hair strands from stress and ATP that ensures healthy growth of the hair. AGF39 treatment;

– Strengthens dry, brittle and thin hair strands

– Awakens dormant hair follicles to stimulate regrowth

– Accelerates microcirculation in the scalp

– Andro protects existing hair follicles by slowing the rate of genetic alopecia

– Increases hair density.

In our Lygos Clinic hair transplant clinic, we apply AGF39 Forte hair treatment in the presence of expert dermatologists and hair specialists. AGF39 forte is a renewed and strengthened version of the classic AGF39 treatment.

If you wish, after completing the first session of the treatment with our expert dermatologists and hair specialists in our clinic, you can continue the remaining sessions at home by yourself, or you can complete all sessions in our clinic. If you would like more information about AGF39 Forte and other hair strengthening treatments, you can contact the expert staff of Lygos Clinic

Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a hair strengthening treatment applied to solve hair loss and scalp problems that develop due to conditions such as andro-genetic alopecia, seasonal and external factors, various skin diseases, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, pregnancy and menopause. It is not a surgical but a purely cosmetic procedure.

Hair mesotherapy is a hair strengthening treatment applied to solve hair loss and scalp problems that develop due to conditions such as andro-genetic alopecia, seasonal and external factors, various skin diseases, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, pregnancy and menopause. It is not a surgical but a purely cosmetic procedure.

If we need to talk about the benefits of hair mesotherapy;


 Supports the healthy and vibrant growth of new hair

– It is good for scalp problems and prevents skin disorders that may occur.

– By giving the hair cells the nutrients they need, it stops hair loss and supports healthy growth and fullness.

– It is a less costly and guaranteed effective treatment compared to other hair treatments to achieve healthy, vibrant and shiny hair.

– Gives positive results in a short time

– No side effects

– Unlike other hair care products, the delivery of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances in hair mesotherapy through injection into the scalp is parallel to the positive results to be obtained from the treatment.

– Since it is a painless and easy to perform cosmetic procedure, routine life can be returned immediately

– The fact that it is not a surgical procedure with incisions and stitch marks, does not require regional shaving, and is realized in short 30-minute sessions can be shown as other advantages.

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