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What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss and baldness is one of the most important problems of today. The most definitive solution to baldness and hair sparseness problems is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting hair follicles taken from the donor area to the balding area. There are different methods of hair transplantation. The most preferred method among these methods is FUE hair transplant. FUE hair transplant can be applied to almost everyone over the age of 18 who has hair loss and baldness problems.

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What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

Hair is one of the important elements of aesthetic appearance. However, over time, people may experience hair loss and baldness due to various reasons. The solution to the problem of hair loss and baldness is possible with hair transplantation. Among the methods of hair transplantation, the most commonly used method is FUE Hair Transplantation.

How is FUE Hair Transplantation Performed?

Natural appearance is very important in hair transplantation. For this reason, hair transplant specialists first create the hairline of the patients who apply to them for hair transplantation. The most suitable hairline for the person’s facial features and facial muscles is determined and applied to the person. After determining the front hairline, the area with intense sparseness and openness is determined. After the hairline procedure is completed, the donor area of the patient is shaved. The shaved donor area is anesthetized and the harvesting process begins. During the harvesting process, the patient’s healthy hair follicles are collected with the help of a special micromotor. The hair follicles collected one by one are preserved in special solutions with great care. After this stage, the area to be transplanted is numbed by applying local anesthesia and the canal opening process begins. After the canal opening process, the hair follicles are transplanted one by one to the transplantation area. Since local anesthesia is applied in the FUE Transplant procedure, the patient does not feel pain during the procedure.

What are the Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation?

FUE Hair Transplant is a method that has been used for many years. Developments in the technological field have caused the FUE Hair Transplant method to develop rapidly. The channels opened in the FUE hair transplant method, which is more comfortable compared to the old methods, are smaller. In this way, the healing process after the procedure is faster. Since there are no procedures such as stitching during the procedure, there is no scarring. One of the most important advantages of the FUE hair transplantation method is that the hair that grows after transplantation looks natural.

After FUE Hair Transplant

After the FUE hair transplant procedure, the patient is informed by hair transplant specialists. Following the recommendations given by the experts is very important for the healing process.
When the FUE transplant procedure is over, the patient is dressed with special solutions and the donor area is bandaged. One day after the operation day, the washing process starts. The transplantation area and the recipient area are washed with special shampoos without rubbing. After washing for at least 10 days, the scabs fall off. Transplanted hair starts to grow after 3 months. It takes about 9 months for them to grow completely. Hair strengthening treatments such as PRP or AGF-39 are recommended regularly after FUE hair transplantation.

FUE Hair Transplant - FUE Saç Ekimi

Who can FUE Hair Transplantation be applied to?

FUE Hair Transplantation method can be applied to almost everyone over the age of 18. FUE Hair Transplantation can be applied to men with baldness as well as women with hair loss. People with additional diseases are subjected to certain tests. It is determined whether there is a condition that prevents FUE Transplant for people whose general health conditions are examined. If it is determined that people with additional diseases do not have an obstacle to FUE hair transplantation, there is no harm in performing the procedure.


The environment where FUE Hair Transplant is performed must be extremely sterile and hygienic. FUE Transplant should be performed by competent hair transplant specialists and physicians who are experts in their field.
As Lygos Clinic in Istanbul, we perform your FUE Transplant procedure without any problems with our highly hygienic operation rooms and expert physicians.