Eyelid Aesthetics

Eyelids begin to fall with age. This affects both the field of vision and the appearance of the person. Since the eyelids have a thinner structure compared to other parts of the body, when there is loosening, sagging and bagging become more prominent than other parts of the body. People who are disturbed by these problems apply for eyelid aesthetics.

Eyelid Aesthetics
It is a surgical procedure applied to the upper and lower eyelids, also known as blepharoplasty. In eyelid aesthetics, it is aimed to repair sagging skin, remove excess muscle tissue and remove the tissues around the eyes. Eyelid aesthetics is a permanent operation. The effect lasts approximately 10-15 years.

How is Upper Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

Upper eyelid surgery, also known as droopy eyelid surgery, is the process of removing excess muscle and skin tissue in the upper eyelid area of the eye. The procedure starts with making a cut on the eyelid line under local anesthesia. Excess muscles and skin are removed through the incision. Upper eyelid surgery can also be performed together with brow lift and forehead lift operations.

How is lower eyelid surgery performed?

In lower eyelid surgery, before any procedure is performed on the lower eyelid, the fat pads that have sagged downward are suspended to the cheekbones by endoscopic method. After the fat pads are positioned in place, it is determined whether the procedure is necessary in the lower eyelid.

If the procedure is necessary, an incision is made just below the eyelashes and the lower eye aesthetic procedure is started. As a result of this incision, the fat packets under the removed skin are spread to the area called the under-eye socket. After this procedure, the procedure is completed by removing excess muscles and skin.

Before the procedure

At least 15 days before eyelid aesthetics, the use of drugs such as aspirin antibiotics with blood thinning effect should be stopped. Alcohol and smoking should be stopped at least 2 or 3 weeks before eyelid aesthetics as it will negatively affect the healing process.

Aftermath of the procedure

Redness and swelling may occur for the first 3 days afterwards. These discomforts will disappear spontaneously within an average of 1 week. During this time, cold compresses can be applied to the area with redness and swelling. Thin bandages over the stitches are removed approximately 3 days after the operation. Stitches are removed after an average of 1 week. The scars resulting from the surgery will disappear within 1 month after the eyelid surgery.

The patient should raise the head level with 1 or 2 pillows while sleeping after eyelid aesthetics. Heavy exercises should be avoided and extremely hot environments should be avoided. In addition, smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided. Shower can be taken 3 days after eyelid aesthetics.

Who Can Eyelid Aesthetics Be Applied To?

Eyelid aesthetic surgery can be applied to people who have sagging upper and lower eyelids as they age, as well as people who have sagging due to accidental trauma and genetic reasons.

Eyelid Aesthetics at Lygos Clinic

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