Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

Eyebrow transplant is the transplant and filling of grafts taken from the donor area into the hairless eyebrow area instead of eyebrows lost due to genetic or environmental factors. The hair follicles in the nape of the neck, which is determined as the donor area, are transplanted in accordance with the structure and direction of the eyebrows. At the end of the procedure, you will get an aesthetic and dense appearance compatible with your eyebrow structure.

What are Eyebrow Transplantation Methods?

There are two different methods that can be applied depending on the intensity of the eyebrow hair loss. Very successful results are obtained in both methods. These methods are as follows;

– FUE Sapphire


How is an Eyebrow Transplant Performed?

Eyebrow transplant is an aesthetic operation applied to eyebrow hair loss due to genetic, environmental, or hormonal factors. In congenital or subsequent hair loss, the existing eyebrow line of the person is matched with the new eyebrow line and a drawing is performed to achieve a successful appearance.

The person’s request is at the forefront of the drawing that takes place after clinical laboratory processes and the doctor’s examination. The donor area is the nape area as in Hair Transplant and Beard Transplant operations. Since this area maintains its continuity without being affected by hormonal spills, the result obtained is permanent and natural.

The intake area is prepared for the application of the transfer method determined with the examination. It is localized and the grafts are kept in special containers and made suitable for transfer. The post-procedure process is communicated to the person as dressing on the second day and washing on the third day and applied under sterile conditions by specialized nurses. In an Eyebrow Transplant operation, regardless of FUE or DHI method, the method suitable for the person is determined.

When is the Desired Appearance Achieved After Eyebrow Transplantation?

After an Eyebrow Transplant, a minimum of 8 months is required for the person to achieve the desired appearance. As of 3 months, the successful image that emerges with the eyebrow roots that begin to grow is shaped and accelerated by the post-operative care of the person.

Who are Suitable for the Eyebrow Transplant?

Can be applied to people who experience eyebrow hair loss due to hormonal, genetic, and cosmetic reasons, who have gaps and sparseness in the eyebrow structure, and who experience shedding due to tissue deformations such as piercing, depending on the general health condition and donor density.

Who Performs Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrow transplant is performed by professional nurses under the supervision of experienced doctors.

What is the Age Limit?

Eyebrow transplant can be performed on any individual who has completed physical development, whose general health condition is suitable for the operation, and who has completed the age of +18.

İs Anesthesia Applied  During Eyebrow Transplant?

During the eyebrow transplant operation, local and painless anesthesia intervention is available in both donor and transfer areas. As a result of the localization of the tissues, the operation results in success without feeling pain. If the person wishes, he/she can also prefer sedation.

What Are thr Tests Performed in Eyebrow Transplant Procedures?

Before eyebrow transplant, there are some tests applied in terms of determining the nature of the operation and clinical follow-up. These can be listed as follows;
– Hepatitis C+
– HIV+
– Hepatitis B+

and special clinic screenings.

What Should be Considered Before Eyebrow Transplant?

There are some things to be considered before operation. These are;
– Smoking, alcohol, hookah, green tea, and similar herbal teas should be stopped at least 1 week before the operation.
– The use of caffeine-containing beverages (coffee, energy drinks, etc.) should be stopped at least 1 day before the operation.
– Breakfast should be eaten before the operation, and if the operation will be performed with sedation, 6 hours of fasting is required.
– The use of blood thinners, vitamins, and nutrients should be stopped 1 week before the operation.
Shirts or cardigans with zippers should be preferred for the postoperative period.

eyebrow transplant

What is the Eyebrow Transplant Procedure Process?

The process of Eyebrow Transplant operation is as follows:
Day 1: Procedure
Day 2 Dressing
Day 3 Washing
Day 10 Shell Shedding
After the first wash, washings should be continued for the next 10 days in accordance with the instructions shown, and crust shedding should be performed as of the 10th day.

What to Know After Operation?

There are methods that should be known and paid attention to after operation. These can be listed as follows;
– After the operation, the medications provided by the clinic should be used properly.
– After the operation, you should be in an upright position with your head up.
– After the operation, consumption of hookah, cigarettes, alcohol, and similar substances should be suspended for a minimum of 1 week.
– After the operation, solarium, sauna, and Turkish bath should be avoided for minimum of 3 months.
– After the operation, the skin should be protected from sunlight.
– After the operation, blood thinners and vitamins should not be started without the knowledge of your doctor.
– After the operation, washing should be done regularly and the transplantation area should not be touched except for washing to prevent infection.
– After the operation, sexual intercourse can be initiated after a minimum of 15 days.
– After the operation, pool, sea, sports, and exercise should be avoided for a minimum of 1 month.

What is the Price of an Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrow transplant is an operation that takes place by determining the appropriate method and drawing after facial analysis. The naturalness of the result is as important as its success in terms of aesthetic appearance. A wrong procedure applied in permanent graft transfer operations such as eyebrow transplantation leads the person to dissatisfaction and directly affects his/her appearance.

Before deciding on eyebrow transplantation, the first choice should be the centers performed under the supervision of an expert hair transplant team and experienced doctors. Regardless of pricing, centers that comply with the Ministry of Health guidelines are preferred, and the decision should be made meticulously for professional results.

Otherwise, irreversible results are possible. Eyebrow transplant prices vary according to the transplant method, the amount of graft required for the patient and the physical condition of the eyebrow. In order to get the most accurate prices for eyebrow transplant, a preliminary examination is needed first. After the facial examination, the transplant price is determined. You can apply to Lygos Clinic to learn the most accurate prices for eyebrow transplant, to have dense and aesthetic looking eyebrows, and to get detailed information about the procedures.

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