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Mimics and expressions are the most significant parts of the human communication. Especially with your gaze you can convey the expression you want to the others. Of course, eyebrows have as much effect on expressing and communicating as well as on eyes. Eyebrow transplantation operations began to spread all over the world. Thanks to eyebrow transplantation you can give meaning to your gaze and expression, you can catch the perfect appearance.

In the Lygos Clinic, we continue to apply eyebrow transplantation operation to our patients from different countries. The eyebrow transplantation and expression is most preferred by women, you can get the look you want with a small operation performed in our polyclinics. Moreover, eyebrow hair loss is something that everyone can experience regardless the age. Also, we perform eyebrow transplantation operations to widespread

What is Eyebrows Transplantation? 

Eyebrows transplantation is the process of transplanting hair follicles from the donor areas instead of eyebrows that fall or has become to fall for different reasons. Eyebrows transplantation operations can be applied either to tighten or to change the shape of the eyebrows. It is a simple and painless procedure. Eyebrow transplantation operations with small and short-term interventions can achieve the wanted results

How we perform Eyebrow Transplantation? 

Eyebrow transplantation operations begin with the design of eyebrows in accordance with the face shape, wishes and needs of the person who is doing the operation. After you choose from our eyebrow designs we will prepare you in our polyclinics then your eyebrow transplantation operation starts. The operation takes from 2 to 3 hours on 3 stages: 

1- Local Anaesthesia / Collection of Hair grafts 

Before the operation starts, we take photographs to analyze the conditions before and after the operation. We shave your donor hair follicles to your number 1 with special shavers for you. Then we collect your hair follicles by applying local anaesthesia. Because the number of hair to be planted in your eyebrow area is less than other plantings, the taken grafts are quite small and it is not even clear that your hair has been cut. We keep the hair follicles we have collected in special liquids until planting. 

2- Opening the Channels 

We open the channels of the appropriate width and depth in your eyebrows one by one according to the shape and model that we have previously designed and you agreed on. We will transplant the hair grafts we have collected. The high level of technical knowledge and dexterity ensures successful results as for all Hair Center of Turkey’s patients. 

3- The transplantation of the eyebrows 

We place the grafts taken from the donor area one by one into the channels opened at the appropriate width and depth. We are completing the operation by leaving the planting area open. 

After Eyebrow Transplantation 

Eyebrow transplantation starts to give results after approximately 2 months. Approximately 8 months later the final result can be reached. It is quite normal to see bruising and swelling around the eye area and planting area. These bruises and swellings disappear within 4 to 5 days. The transplanted hair grafts are taken from the hair on the back of the head can be long hairs in the eyebrows. Therefore, you should periodically cut and epilate. 

Who can make the eyebrows transplantation? 

Eyebrow transplantation can be performed to men and women that experience eyebrow loss, eyebrow thinning or who want to change the shape of eyebrows for certain reasons. Moreover, you can contact us, Lygos Clinic for a free and immediate consultation.