DHI Saç Ekimi - DHI Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a problem seen in all age groups due to various reasons. In men
The problem of hair loss, which is very common, is also seen in women from time to time. Hair
transplantation allows people with hair loss and baldness problems to have strong and lush hair.
is a treatment method that has emerged for them to regain their hair.
With the developing technology, new hair transplantation methods have emerged. These methods
SAPPHIRE, FUE and DHI are hair transplantation methods. Many advantages compared to other methods
DHI hair transplantation method has become frequently preferred in recent years.


In the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) method, as in other methods, a preliminary examination is performed first. The areas of the person to be transplanted and the areas to be transplanted are examined. Then, the patient is examined and it is determined whether there is any obstacle to DHI Hair Transplantation. If there is no obstacle to DHI Hair Transplantation, the patient is taken into hair drawing. The most suitable hairline for the patient’s facial features, facial muscles and head structure is designed according to the patient’s wishes. After the drawing stage, the donor area of the patient is shaved and the number of hair follicles to be harvested is decided.

After this stage, the patient is taken to the operation room and the extraction process begins. The donor area of the person (the area to be harvested) is usually the nape of the neck. Local anesthesia is applied to the area before the extraction process begins. Hair follicles are taken from the area numbed with local anesthesia with the help of a micromotor. The harvested healthy hair follicles are carefully preserved in special solutions until the transplantation stage. In DHI hair transplantation method, no canal is opened in the transplantation area. Hair follicles taken from the donor area are directly transplanted to the transplantation area where local anesthesia is applied through micro-tipped pens. Since local anesthesia is applied during the procedure, the patient does not feel pain or ache. The procedure takes approximately 10-12 hours.

Things to Consider After DHI Hair Transplant

Afterwards, the person should follow the recommendations given by the physicians completely. After DHI Hair Transplantation, necessary dressings are applied to the patient. On the first day, the patient is checked and from the second day onwards, washing starts. Washings continue for about 10 days. After DHI Hair Transplantation, sudden spills called shock spills may occur. After shock shedding, permanent hair begins to grow.

Who is DHI Hair Transplant Procedure for?

Beforehand, people are subjected to certain tests. In these tests, the depth of the scalp and the thickness of the hair follicles are determined. If the scalp and hair structure of the person is suitable for DHI Hair Transplantation, the procedure can be performed. In addition, people’s general health status is checked before the procedure. It is determined whether the person has any additional diseases and whether there is any obstacle to hair transplantation. If the person is in good health, the procedure can be performed.

What are the Advantages of DHI Hair Transplantation?

In DHI Hair Transplantation method, no channel is opened. The collected hair follicles are transplanted directly under the skin with the help of special pens. In this way, it is ensured that the hair follicles are transplanted without waiting for a long time. In addition, a more frequent transplantation is realized compared to other methods and a more natural appearance is obtained. The recovery process of the patient who has hair transplantation with DHI Hair Transplantation method is faster than other methods.

Things to Consider in DHI Hair Transplantation

DHI Hair transplantation environment must be extremely hygienic. Infections may occur in the scalp after procedures performed in environments without adequate hygiene. This situation causes the patient’s recovery process to be prolonged and even the result may not be as expected. DHI Hair Transplantation Procedure should be performed by competent physicians who are specialized in their field.


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