Breast Reduction - Göğüs Küçültme

Breasts larger than normal size affect the daily life and psychology of the person. Women with large breasts have problems such as bra marks on the shoulder, chronic back, neck and lower back pain, and diaper rash under the breast. In addition, an abnormally large breast disrupts the aesthetics and prevents the person from wearing the clothes she wants.

Surgery prevents these problems. In the surgery, abnormally large breasts are reduced to normal size, while sagging nipples are brought to the position they should be. Breast reduction and lifting applications can be performed together in this surgery.

How is breast reduction surgery (Reduction Mammaplasty) performed?

The physician examines the patient before the surgery and determines the breast size and the degree of sagging. In this process, the patient should tell the doctor exactly what kind of breast she wants.

After the examination, preoperative health checks are performed. If it is determined that there is no obstacle to reduction surgery, the patient is taken into surgery. Breast Reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Various techniques can be used in breast surgery. Generally, the incision lines are in the form of a line around the nipple called lollipop style and extending vertically downwards, while a horizontal incision line can be added on the chest depending on the breast size of some patients. Breast tissue and excess skin tissue are removed through the incisions. After these procedures, the nipple can also be moved upwards if necessary. After these procedures, the skin is closed and the surgery is completed. Since general anesthesia is applied in breast surgery, which lasts approximately 2.5 to 4 hours, the patient does not feel pain and pain during the procedure.

Things to Consider After Breast Reduction Surgery

After breast surgery, the patient should comply with the recommendations given by the physician. The patient should follow the dressing days determined by the physician and go and have their dressings done completely. In this way, possible infection risks are prevented and the healing process is accelerated. The patient should avoid heavy exercises for about a week after the surgery. Swelling and edema around the breast may occur after breast surgery. This condition is temporary and will disappear in about 3 weeks. It may take about 12 months for the breasts to regain their natural appearance. In addition, habits such as alcohol and smoking should be stopped for one month after breast reduction surgery. The patient can return to her daily life after a week of home rest. However, patients are advised to use sports bras that protect the breast during this period.

Are There Scars After Breast Reduction Surgery?

As in almost every surgical operation, there may be small scars in the procedure area in breast reduction surgery. The resulting surgical scar may be larger or smaller depending on how much the breast has sagged. However, since these scars take on skin color over time, they are not noticeable unless they are looked at very carefully. For these reasons, the scars that may remain after breast reduction surgery are usually not a problem for the person.

Are There Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery?

As with any operation, breast reduction surgery may have some risks.

There is a rare risk of infection and bleeding after breast reduction surgery. There is a risk of loss of nipple sensation, but if the physician has performed the surgery in accordance with the procedures, the realization rate of this risk is very low.

What are the Advantages of Breast Reduction Surgery?

In addition to being an aesthetic problem, breast size also negatively affects health. Women with very large breasts have chronic back, head, back and neck pain. In addition, bra string marks on the shoulders and collapse may occur over time. In addition, diaper rash under the breast is a common problem in people with larger breasts than normal. Breast reduction surgery provides an aesthetically more beautiful appearance and makes it easier for women to choose clothes. In addition, the problems caused by the factors that negatively affect the quality of daily life mentioned above are also eliminated.