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Breast Lift

Breast lift or Mastopexy operation is a cosmetic intervention to reshape the breast by removing the skin and tightening the tissue in the breast contour. The Mastopexy operation is one of the increasing surgeries in the world according to a recent statistics.

What can cause a change of the breast shape and who can do this operation?

The breast lift operation is a cosmetic surgery so any woman that wants to change the shape of her breast can do it. The most common for a breast change in shape is pregnancy but there are some other factors like breastfeeding, aging, weight loss, gravity or just genetic reasons.

Are there any risks or side effects of the breast lifting operation?

Like any other normal operation you may have an infection, bleeding or low wounds healing or a seroma. The most uncommon results are the asymmetric size or shape of the breast shape, bruising or pain.

What is the breast lifting operation procedure?

The breast lifting operation is an outpatient surgery which means you will have to stay one night in the hospital. It is usually done in almost three hours with a general anaesthesia. The surgery procedure varies according to the person situation that’s why your doctor will explain it you better.

What is the recovery time for the breast lifting operation?

You will wear a supportive garment after operation for almost 5 weeks.
You can go back to your daily life or work after one week but without any exhausting work for almost 4 weeks after operation.
You cannot have sex for 3 weeks.
Do not lift any heavy stuff for 4 weeks.
Your doctor will tell you what else you may avoid according to your situation.
How much does the breast lift operation cost?
The breast lift operation in Turkey, Istanbul costs from 2200 Euro to 2800 Euro. The price varies according to:

  • The facility.
  • Your period of staying.
  • Hotel.
  • Medical tests.

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