Breast Lift

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Breast lift is a surgery to restore the ideal aesthetic appearance of the deformed breast that sags down for any reason by using surgical techniques. In breast reduction, only the excess skin is removed and the process is made to make the breast tighter and recovery.

Who can have breast lift (mastopexy) operation?

Any person who is exposed to excessive weight gain and loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, decrease in breast tissue and age-related factors can have breast lift surgery.

How long does breast lift (mastopexy) operation take?

Breast lift operation lasts approximately 1-3 hours and since it is performed under general anesthesia, there is no pain during the operation.

Does the breast sag again after breast lift (mastopexy) operation?

It does not sag after breast lift operation. Because the tissues in the breast are recovered and excess skin is removed, so there is not much skin to sag. However, depending on the age and gravity, the deformation of the breast may occur again.

Can a person breastfeed after a breast lift (mastopexy) operation?

Even if some of the milk glands are cut off in some cases during breast lift operation, it generally does not prevent the breast’s milk-giving function.

Will there be any stitch marks after breast lift (mastopexy) operation?

In breast lift operation, there are stitch marks in a straight line from the nipple to the lower side, but these scars become vague over time according to the recovery time of the person.

Can breast lift (mastopexy) and breast augmentation be performed at the same time?

The volume of the breast does not change during breast lift operation. However, if there is a loss of volume and there is a demand for a more aesthetic appearance of the breast, both breast lift and breast augmentation can be performed in the same operation.

Will there be pain after breast lift (mastopexy) operation?

After breast lift, the person is hosted in the hospital for 1 night. Drains, if any, are removed the next day or 1-2 days later, depending on the situation. Underwire bras recommended by your doctor are used. After 1-2 weeks, the person can quickly return to his old life.