Beard & Moustache Transplant

Beard Transplant - Sakal Ekimi

As a result of the increasing importance of aesthetic appearance, men have become more attentive to personal care in order to look aesthetically pleasing and increase their self-confidence. Beard Transplant, which are the identity of the face, are among the elements that men especially attach importance to. Therefore, most of the men who are not satisfied with their beard and mustache are knocking on the doors of the clinics for beard and mustache transplantation.

The beard and mustache structure, which begins to become apparent during adolescence, varies depending on genetic factors. The loss of beard and mustache caused by genetic features, skin diseases, injuries and burns is getting away from being a problem with the methods that are developing day by day in the field of medicine and prevent people’s self-confidence problems. Beard and mustache transplantation, which is one of the most common procedures worldwide, can also be applied to camouflage various scars and deformations in these areas. Beard and mustache transplantation, which can be done by the age of 20, when the hormones reach the basal level, offers a permanent and extremely natural-looking solution for men who want to have thicker beards and mustaches.

How is beard transplant done?

Beard transplant can be performed with FUE, DHI and Percutaneous methods, which are also used in hair transplantation operations. With the expert examination during the pre-interview; How many grafts the patient needs for the beard and / or mustache transplantation operation, the density of the beard / mustache around the area to be transplanted, whether the donor area is efficient and whether the patient has any health barriers to the transplantation process are carefully evaluated. If the patient does not have a health obstacle, the planting date and the method that will meet the patient’s needs in the most natural way is decided by patient-doctor consensus. In beard and mustache transplantation operations, 1000-3000 grafts can be transplanted according to the need.

After beard transplant

In the first days after the operation; Side effects such as redness, edema, bruising and crusting may occur on the skin. These side effects recover spontaneously within 10 days following the operation. As in hair transplantation; Antibiotics are required for the first week after beard transplant operations. Especially in the first 15 days, direct contact with sunlight should be prevented, and activities such as pool, sauna, sea or solarium should be avoided for at least 1 month. At the same time, in order to prevent damage to the roots that have not yet adapted, all kinds of activities that will cause sweating should be avoided, along with avoiding strenuous actions and heavy sports.

Results begin to be obtained from the 3rd month of the operation. The hairs in the area where the transplantation is performed naturally and in accordance with the skin structure. There is no difference between them and the beard / mustache around them.

What should be considered for a natural result in beard transplant?

The first rule to be followed in order to achieve naturalness during the operation; The number of grafts to be implanted exactly corresponds to the needs of the patient. If the transplantation of more or less grafts than the patient needs is not compatible with the beard / mustache density around the transplanted area; The transplantation process cannot achieve a successful and natural result.

The density of the planted roots should be adjusted very well. Roots planted too often cause nutritional problems; Roots that are not planted as often as necessary cause visual problems.

The exit direction of the beard / mustache follicles around the transplanted area and the insertion angle of the transplanted follicles should be in harmony. New follicles to be produced by planted roots accordingly; It can extend in the same direction as the surrounding follicles.

Beard transplant operations are also classified as surgical operations as in hair transplant. For this reason, the people and institutions that will carry out the operation should be chosen meticulously and make sure that they are experts in their fields. All these elements that will determine naturalness in beard and mustache transplantation; can only be successfully performed by experts.