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Arm Lift

arm lift

The arm lift operation or brachioplasty is a surgical cosmetic intervention on the arms, especially for women, to reduce the excessive sagging skin on the arm to tighten or smooth the upper arm.

What causes the sagging appearance on the arm?

Weight change is the most common reason for the arm sagging. Moreover, aging or genetic factors can cause that too and it cannot be solved by exercises.

Who can make the arm lift operation?

Adults in general can do the arm lift operation but under the following conditions:
Have laxity in the upper arm
Have realistic expectations
Have no medical conditions that would cause any risk in the operation.

Are there any risks or side effects of the arm lift surgery?

Like any other major operation you may have a low wounds healing, infection or bleeding. In some cases you may feel the numbness, asymmetry or skin loss.

What is the arm lift surgery procedure?

The arm lift surgery is performed under either general or local anaesthesia, if you did with the local anaesthesia you can leave the hospital in the same day but with the general anaesthesia you must stay the night there. The surgeon will make an incision on the inside of the arm to remove the excessive skin then the incision is closed again. The operation takes almost 2 hours.

What is the recovery process of the arm lift surgery?

The arms should not touch the water in the first two days.
Do not do any sportive activities for 6 weeks.
You will have some special bandages for your arm after the operation to wear in the next few days.
You should not move your arm a lot in order to have a quick scare recovery.

How much does the arm lift operation cost?

The arm lift operation in Turkey, Istanbul cost from 2500 Euro to 3000 Euro. The price varies according to:

  • The area of treatment.
  • The facility.
  • Your period of staying.
  • Hotel.
  • Medical tests.

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