Almond Eye Surgery - Badem Göz Ameliyatı - Under Eye Filling - Göz Altı Dolgusu

What is Almond Eye Surgery?

Almond eye surgery is a plastic surgery that can be applied to both women and men. Surgery is a surgical procedure performed to achieve a more aesthetic, more vibrant, healthy and more attractive look. Surgery also removes the sagging of the eyelids and the surrounding area and makes the eyes look more slanted.
In almond eye surgery, local anesthesia is applied to the patient. After the local anesthesia, a small incision is made on the outer part of the eye and the eye is pulled upwards with special threads. The threads pulled upwards are fixed to the bone membrane. The threads used in this procedure are non-melting threads. After these steps, 3 or 5 stitches are applied to the incision area and the almond eye surgery is finalized.

After Almond Eye Surgery

You can take a shower 2 days after almond eye. After the almond eye, redness, edema formation and mild pain complaints may be observed. These complaints will disappear within a few days. The person can return to his/her daily life within an average of 10 days after almond eye. Patients are recommended to lie upright during the healing process. No chemical product should come into contact with that area until the stitches in the incision sites dissolve.

Who Can Have Almond Eye Aesthetic?

Almond eye surgery can be performed on anyone with faint eyes, small eyes and those who want a more slanted eye. However, those with excess skin on the upper eyelid and those with bagging in the lower eyelid can undergo surgery after these problems are eliminated.

After surgery, positive changes are experienced in the patient’s eye. After this procedure, people have a more attractive eye structure.

How Long Does Almond Eye Take?

Almond eye surgery takes between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

Are there any risks of almond eye aesthetics?

It can be said that surgery is a risk-free operation. However, in some cases, temporary bruising, redness and mild pain may occur after surgery. In rare cases, infection may occur in the procedure area.

There is no change in the quality of vision after almond eye surgery. Because there is no contact with the eye during surgery. In addition, there is no change in facial movements and facial expressions after surgery.
Since almond eye aesthetic is a short operation, it can be performed together with other aesthetic interventions.

Almond Eye Aesthetics at Lygos Clinic

As Lygos Clinic serving in Istanbul, we perform your almond eye surgery and other aesthetic procedures in an extremely meticulous manner. We continue to make our patients happy in the field of aesthetics with our expert physicians, highly sterile operating rooms and hygienic equipment.
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